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Welcome to DebbiGard

Welcome to the home of the Debbigard, the original plastic brick guard system that is currently being used on countless construction sites up and down the UK to provide a safe, durable and highly effective barrier against falling debris.

Saves you money
Manufactured to BS9100 standards, the Debbigard is manufactured from durable pvc and proven to last several years over the course of many site builds. Our customers take the guards – which are flat packed for ease of transportation - from site to site where they are easily installed from level to level as the brickwork progresses. Based on present experience Debbigards that have been out in the market for over 3 years are still going strong. When compared to the average life of a metal guard the Debbigard offers substantial savings on your brick guard expenditure. What’s more they have a recyclable value of 30p each at the end of their useful life.

Safe to use
Not only does the Debbigard save you money over the long term, but it supports your Health & Safety schemes on site by minimising injuries, snags and damage that can occur from jutting metal edges, be it torn clothing, personal injury or product damage.  A Debbigard can help avoid claims for damage, because it is, quite simply, easier to manhandle, manipulate and install.

Brand Exposure
Debbigards are available in a wide range of colours. Many of our customers are specifying our plastic brick guards in their corporate colours to give a neat and corporate appearance on site. It is even possible to incorporate a company logo in to the guard which not only increase brand exposure but help to minimise theft of the popular guards. There is also fluorescent option for increased visibility.

Availability & Delivery

We keep large stocks of the most popular colours. For delivery times please speak to one of the team at Debbigard.

Patent Number: gb2445815b
As you would expect with a product that is this good it is securely patented.